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2014 will be an historical event. Be on the lookout for the Mixtape, the tv series, the clothing line, the vodka, the book, and the movie.


The hard hitting club banger Duffle Bag Aint Big Enuff & the sexy sultry seductive single title Body's Callin will change the game in 2014.


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Reality Laster the legendary hustler himself, promising to add an immediate spark to a static music scene that's in a state of emergency and in desperate need of rejuvenation, known for his adept entrepreneurial skill he brings the same intensity and poise towards his music. A natural born go-getter by nature, determined to create a better life for his self, Reality quickly climbed the ranks of the streets by out working his peers and adapting valuable lessons learned during his tenure on the boulevards of Milwaukee. He is credited as one of the first independent artist to accumulate an excess of more than one million dollars from the street sales of his acclaimed Federal Indictment album, which sold a record 150,000 units without a formal distribution deal to assist his efforts. Priding his self on always being ten steps ahead of the game.